Spatial Practice


Why We Wear Them| The SITE Magazine: Volume 40, Devices

"Why We Wear Them"

Read the full text online here, or buy the print journal at


Performing Spatial Justice | Masters thesis on race and space


Harvard GSD LOEBlog


Black in Design Conference 

Inaugural conference @ Harvard GSD on race, space and design

Cara Michell and Courtney Sharpe on the Urgency of Black in Design

Portrait 2_Allison_1Blair_Helvetica

Black in Design Conference


Urban Planning Portfolio | CMichell_Portfolio

Isolated Identities: A Mapping Exercise

Isolated Identities

Isolated Identities: The Politics of Inclusion  CC

Isolated Identities: The Politics of Inclusion

A throwback to our days with MIMAPrinceton – – –

Interactive Media Parties to support social inclusion:


Thoughts on urban planning and spatial practice

I should first give credit to the founder of the term “Organization for Spatial Practice” by sharing this manifesto, by Jesse Seegers, with you.

Inflatable Classroom

Jesse Seegers, Sex-charged fop blew my junk TV quiz, 2013, Performance installation.

Image by Jesse Seegers, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

Tadashi Kawamata: Collective Folie, 2013

Muscle MemoryMuscle Memory

Temporary installation at Princeton University, 2011.

Adam Purple, Garden of Eden

Adam Purple, The Garden of Eden, 1975-86. Earthwork. Photo: Harvey Wang (September 22, 1979.

Recently featured at the New Museum’s Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989.

Still interested? Check out Adam Purple & the Garden of Eden by Amy Brost and Harvey Wang.

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